Friday, 18 September 2009

Upcoming conventions

So I'd thought I'd mention that on the 21st of November 09 I'll be attending the Leeds Thought Bubble with the rest of my comic collective (i.e. my sister) under the name of Hello Aunt Alicia. After that the next convention we'll be attending is in the new year in London, which is the Thing! on the 27th March 2010, at which we'll be at table 49.
Below are some links just in case you're interested

Thought Bubble


Hopefully next post I'll be showing you some excerpts of the comics I'm creating for the former.

Monday, 31 August 2009

What's going on?

So essentially I have no items in my etsy store right now, mainly as I have no money to put them in and I'm also in the midst of a lot of upheaval and trying to seek employment as well as starting a couple of new comics for November aka Leeds.
These reasons alone stopped me from starting my webcomic which should have started a month ago but as usual it seems that having nothing to do takes up all your time.
Hopefully next post I should be showing some of my works in progress and possibly a finished page or two.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Etsy store

Having to close the store for a coupla weeks while I'm away on holiday. I should hopefully be back online end of July/beginning of August with hopefully some new stuff to buy and a new webcomic starting on drunkduck, touch wood.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Pimpin' out myself

Hey did you know I have an etsy shop? I'm the worst at trying to drum up sales, I cringe even at the mention of asking someone to look at my stuff and I usually worried that they're disappointed when they get it/look at it. Anyhoo I noticed a lot of people seem to like the idea of my Horror colouring in book, well it seems to have the most faves and views so I figured I'd let you download one of the pages for free, simply click and save the image below, print it out and colour to your hearts content.

And in case you want to get the other 9 horror stars printed on heavy duty card with 3 free chunky crayola crayons simply visit here and give me your money.

*Copyright 09 - Mundy Morning* Please do not abuse this image, i.e. use it for anything other than what it is intended for or pass it off as your own otherwise...well I'll do something...I'm not sure what yet

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Comic characters

So I'm a big fat liar, so sue me (please don't) I'm usually sporadic with most internet related things so to start off with I'm going to show you a couple of sketches from a comic that has taken up my mind for the past few years. I've always been a little wary of this project as I've never felt that I was there artistically speaking until recently. I'm hoping that I can at least dip my toe into the big ol' world of comic publishing and test the water i.e. see what they think of my work, and using the internet as my fallback nothing can go wrong...well more wrong.
So a couple of character sketches here we go.

First we have my protagonist as it were, just her face in pencil with an added bonus of Admiral Ackbar telling me to be wary.
I'm kind of torn as to whether I should return back to my old sketches and see whether I can refine those as right now I feel yeah she looks good but perhaps a little too cutesy for my liking.
An old sketch all inked upMaybe it's just the proportions, she was looking kinda mannish before and I definitely need to work out partings of hair

And finally this character who has been annoying me since the day he came to me, finally refined after about two years of doodling, doodling, doodling and binning, binning, binning. Complete with my first little sketch of him.

I still feel I need to work on him and the scan has warped him a little (my own fault drawing him so close to the sketchbook binding) but hopefully inking and a stanley knife will bring more clarity to the situation, but as always I need new brushes so that's gonna have to wait.

Thursday, 30 April 2009


Hi and welcome to my artblog which fingers crossed should be updated regularly, and hopefully give me something to do while I try to figure out this life thing...